International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association

GPX Surveys is a member and supporter of IAGSA and operates in accordance with a stringent prescriptive safety management system.

Multi-client Data

The following multi-client data sets are available for purchase as complete data sets or data subsets.

Aeromagnetic Survey, South Bintuni Basin

West Papua (Bird's Head), Indonesia

Magnetic data is available for this basin study which was completed in 2010. Line spacing is 1000m North-South and a total of 25,800km was collected.

Products include

  • Located data 
  • Grids (DEM, TMI, RTP, 1VD, 2VD, Pseudo depthslices)
  • Euler solutions
  • Magnetic sedimentary basin model
  • Logistics and processing report
An information flyer is available here.

Airborne Magnetic and Gravity Survey, West Papua, Indonesia

Tanamerah, West Papua, Indonesia

Airborne Magnetic and Gravity data is available for this basin study which was completed in 2013. Line spacing is 4000m North-South, with a southern extension flown at a line spacing of 8000m North-South. A total of 17,779.9 km is available for purchase

Products include

  • Located data 
  • Grids and Images (DEM, Total Magnetic Intensity, Reduced to Pole, TMI1VD, TMI2VD, Pseudo depthslices, Free Air Corrected Anomaly, Free Air Corrected Anomaly 1VD, Relative Complete Bouguer Anomaly, Relative Complete Bouguer Anomaly 1VD)
  • Logistics and processing report
Please contact Greg Reudavey or Katherine McKenna for more information.

High Resolution Magnetic and Radiometric Data

Little Mary River, Northern Territory

A high resolution (50m line spacing) airborne survey was flown in 2010 with a total of 2,694km of data collected.

Products include

  • Located data
  • Grids (DEM, TMI, RTP, 1VD, 2VD, Potassium, Uranium, Thorium, Dose Rate) 
  • Logistics and processing report

Please contact Greg Reudavey or Katherine McKenna for more information.

EnlargeMulti-client Airborne Magnetic Data, South Bintuni Basin, West Papua (Bird
EnlargeMulti-client Airborne Magnetic and Gravity Data, Tanamerah, West Papua, Indonesia
EnlargeMulti-client Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Data, Little Mary River, Northern Territory, Australia