International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association

GPX Surveys is a member and supporter of IAGSA and operates in accordance with a stringent prescriptive safety management system.

Key Personnel


Greg ReudaveyGreg Reudavey - Executive Chairman

Greg is a founding director and shareholder of GPX and was the non executive chairman of the board prior to joining the management team in an executive capacity after a 6 year period as Commercial Manager for the Perth branch of the Australian Pipeline Trust.

He was also a founding director of World Geoscience and an executive director of Aerodata Holdings and has extensive business development and operations experience in many countries throughout South East Asia, India, Africa and the Americas. Greg has over 25 years experience in airborne geophysics operations management and business development including a 5 year period based in Houston as World Geoscience director responsible for the Americas.

Greg is a member of the ASEG, AIG, Petroleum Club and ACID organizations.

Ron CreaghRon Creagh - General Manager

Ron was the Managing Director of GPX Services Pty Ltd and a founding director and shareholder in GPX Airborne Pty Ltd. He has over 30 years experience in the geophysical industry and has worked for Scintrex, Aerodata, Austrirex, Questor and World Geoscience before starting with GPX Services in 1997.

He has extensive experience in management, data processing and operations and has worked in North and South America, South East Asia, Europe, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

Ron is a member of the ASEG.

Bob BlizzardBob Blizzard - Airborne Operations Manager

Bob brings over 25 years of varied experience in the oil and mineral exploration industry. He began his career with Plessey as an electronics engineer in 1974 and has since worked for Western Geophysical, World Geoscience and Fugro Airborne and managed some of the largest airborne geophysical survey projects ever undertaken. Bob has extensive international experience including project management in the Middle East, Libya, Algeria, central and sub Saharan Africa, Pacific and Indonesia.

Bob is a member of IFAP.

Mike BarrettMike Barrett - Senior Technical Supervisor

Mike started his career as a technician on a helicopter magnetic survey in Canada over 30 years ago. Mike has since been directly involved in many of the technological innovations in the airborne geophysics industry and he has focused on airborne data acquisition, navigation guidance systems and electromagnetic design, development and system installation. Mike has worked for Geoterrex, Picodas, Questor, WorldGeoscience, Tesla 10 and Kevron at various times before joining the GPX team in 2004. He has extensive international experience having been involved in airborne surveys in over 35 countries during his career.

Joe KitaJoe Kita - Processing Manager

Joe graduated from Curtin with a BSc App (Geophysics) in 1983 and has extensive industry experience as a geophysicist and airborne data processor having worked with CRA (now Rio), Tesla 10, World Geoscience, Saudi Aramco and Hosking Geophysical over the past 30 years. Joe has a practical, hands on understanding of data acquisition and processing issues having worked in the field managing quality control procedures on many large projects in a number of different countries during his career. These include Canada, Indonesia, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

Joe is an active member of the ASEG.